The company

Mau Quan International Company Ltd. Specialist in design and manufacturing mechanical equipment, hydraulic jacks , hydraulic pumps , hydraulic control system , heavy-duty machine , machine tools and various types of mechanical part for construction industry around the world .

We are also a distributor for many well-known brand products and capable in provide with better product, maintenance, after service in assisting our clients to reduce operation cost and hence generate highest profit. Other than the standard equipment and product, We provide tailor made equipment and solution.


  • Cylinders :
    • Jacking Rams:0.1TON~2500TON, Load Return, Lock Nut, Spring-Return Singie-Acting And Doubie-Acting Cylinders, Max Strokes 6000mm, Max Diameter1500mm, High and Low Pressure.
    • Hollow Rams:10ton~2000ton, Load Retrun, Spring-retrun, Singie-Acting And Doubie-Acting Cylinders
  • Power Units :
    • Motive Force: Electric (single and 3 phase) Powered, Air, Petrol, Hands, High and Low Pressure
    • Operation Mode:Manual, Solenoid Valves, PLC.
    • Flow: Single Speed And Double Speed
  • Hydraulic Accessories :
    • Presses Gauges, House, Couplers, Fittings, Manifolds, High and Low Pressure

Manufactured by our company are made by the following process :

  1. Based on a client’s requirements, we make an offer of a hydraulic product, giving its actual dimensions and loading capacity.The offer is discussed with the client to ensure that their requirements are satisfied (this is not necessary if the client provides detailed drawings and specifications).
  2. Procurement of raw materials as per specifications of JIS G4105 SCM440.
  3. Boring the material (the raw material being solid).
  4. Rough machining to a +/- 2 ~ 4mm precision in dimensions, followed by heat treatment to re-adjust material characteristics.
  5. Heat treatment to machine workable range. The heat treatment increases the hardness and durability of the material, lengthening its service life.
  6. Welding the copper, which can be done in three ways : (1) oxy-acetylene welding of copper, (2) gas metal arcwelding of copper (GMAW), and (3) CO2 welding. Our factory uses oxy-acetylene welding of copper, which is the most expensivemethod , but yields the best results.
  7. Fine machining (boring, threading, lathe processes).
  8. Filling up the holes, grinding.
  9. Electroplating the piston and inside of the cylinder (to increase the hardness of contact surfaces).
  10. Verify the serial numbers, then assemble the various parts (including sealing rings).
  11. Testing.

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