C-CLAMP - Power Team Tools

Used for clamping, pressing and bending. Ideal for welding and metal fabrication for fit-up of sheet or plate steel.


In 5, 10, and 25 ton capacities. For use with Power Team general purpose single-acting series cylinders of comparable capacity.

For clampling, pressing and bending. Ideal for welding and metal fabrication for fit-up of sheet or plate steel.

Clamps withstand full rated capacity of the cylinders for which they are intended.

To minimize the effects of off-center loading, the CC5, CC10, and CC25 should be used with the optional 350144 and 350145 swivel caps.

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CRIMPERS- Power Team Tools



  • C-shaped head with 180º rotation for ease of accessibility
  • Trigger release handle

One of the most important products we have developed and marketed is the 12-Ton Series Tool. When we developed the 12-Ton Compression Tool more than 40 years ago, it became one of the first in a long line of technological breakthroughs in highpressure hydraulics.

Compression Tools for U- or Shell-Type Dies

  • Two-Speed pump for rapid ram advance*
  • High-strength fiberglass handles
  • C-shaped head with 360º rotation for ease of accessibility**
  • Capactiy for all U- or shell-type dies
  • Twist handle release
  • High-Pressure safety relief valve
  • Push-button system for ease of die insertion and removal
  • With carrying bag

The proof of the success of the HHT Series Tool is evident since competitors, both foreign and domestic, have copied features and designed their tools to imitate ours. We continue to set the standard of the industry with durable, long-lasting hand and remote tools.


CUTTERS- Power Team Tools


  • Compact, lightweight design for reaching tight places
  • Hinged flip-top head
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Pressure matched quick-coupler supplies
  • With carrying case

The 6-HCR Series Hydraulic Remote Cutting Tool is lightweight and compact, making it the perfect cutter for applications up to 3/4" (19,1 mm) diameter. The 13-HCR Series Remote Hydraulic Cutting Tool is designed for expanded cutting capabilities up to 2" (50,8 mm) diameter. The insert type cutter blades, top stationary blade and bottom advance blade can easily be replaced in the field with only a 1/4" (6,4 mm) blade screwdriver.


NUT SPLITTERS- Power Team Tools

SPX FLOW offers a selection of hydraulic nut splitters with cutter blades that are specifically designed to penetrate the nut to the precise point where cracks, without damaging the threads of the bolt.


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SPREADERS- Power Team Tools

SPX FLOW Hydraulic spreaders can be used for a variety of tasks such as spreading concrete forms, breaking tire beads or flange work.  Multiple options allow you to choose what’s best for your needs. 


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HAND TOOLS- Power Team Tools
Pliers, Wrenches, Service Tools


Power Team offers the widest selection of tools and accessories to meet your application needs.  Select from a variety of Pliers: Retaining Rings, Horseshoe Lock Rings, Replacement Tips), Wrenches ( Pry Bars, Spanners, & Jimmy Bars), and Service Tools Accessories (Pipe Sealant, O-Ring Seal Picks, Thread Chaser, and Magnetic Pick-up Tool).


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HP SERIES- Power Team Tools
Hydraulic Punches


  • Punch smooth, precise holes in seconds. Much faster than drilling.
  • Fully portable for construction, maintenance and service applications, or can be mounted on a workbench for production jobs.
  • Has carrying handle for precise locating.
  • Rugged, forged steel C-Frame for great strength and durability.
  • Dual-action, spring-loaded stripper holds material during punching operation, strips material from punch on return. Scribe lines on stripper aid in locating the punch.


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HT SERIES- Power Team Tools
Hydraulic Testers

75 and 200 GPM In-Line Hydraulic Testers


  • Accurately measure oil flow, pressure and temperature on in-plant equipment, forklifts, machine tools and more.
  • Temperature and flow readings are in Imperial and Metric and accurate to within ±2% of full scale.
  • Dual pressure gauges for high and low pressure readings. Low pressure gauge is automatically shut-off and protected as pressure rises beyond its maximum
  • Automatic pressure compensating feature lets you increase flow without affecting pressure setting.
  • Reverse flow through tester will not cause damage. A replaceable safety disc ruptures if pressure exceeds upper limit.
  • Solid state voltage regulator eliminates errors caused by voltage change during testing.

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